Personal and Home Defense

The crime rate in Danville equals that of Chicago.  Recently, an elderly Tilton man was severely beaten by a young hoodlum that smashed his way into his apartment.  Because we live in an increasingly lawless community, nation and world;  His Place Christian Bookstore now carries select firearms for personal and home defense.

Criminals are becoming more and more brazen.  Now home invasions most often take place in the day and through the front door.  There are savage wolves out there.  Providing for your family includes providing protection.  The police will not arrive until after the attack.

Don’t know anything about guns?  Come in and talk to me.  We’ll determine what is best for your needs and ability.  I’ll guide you through what is necessary to purchase or own a firearm in Illinois.  Thinking about concealed carry?  I can recommend local instructors.  Free advice on making your home more secure.